Welcome to Advanced Placement American Studies! (APUSH)I know we are going to have a great year together.In order for class to function smoothly and properly, it is necessary to have classroom rules that everyone must follow.The classroom must be a safe setting where students feel that they can learn and make mistakes.Because of this, disruptions in the classroom that stifle learning are not acceptable.My classroom rules are in addition to and mirror those you will find in your student handbook.

*Be on Time for Class! . Tardiness will not be accepted. I expect that you will enter the room in an orderly fashion. Once you have arrived, please sit in your seat, take out your notebook, and do the opening activity that will be posted on the board.This will prepare you for what you will be doing in class that day.

*Be Respectful This includes being respectful of the teacher, yourself and fellow students.We want to class to be a space where all voices maybe heard and all opinions can be expressed.This means that students need to Raise their hand and wait to be called on and do not speak while others are speaking.Any degrading or disrespectful language will not be tolerated.

*Be Responsible for Your Actions This means YOU are responsible for your education.Be prepared for class. It detracts from learning time if I have to locate a pencil or paper for you. If you forget your materials, there is a bin on the side cabinet with pencils, and paper. Quietly get what you need. This is not to be an everyday occurrence. You received a list of necessary school supplies, and I expect you to use the This also includes being prepared for daily discussions and having homework completed. If you are absent you are responsible for all missed work.

I fully expect that these rules will be followed at all times. If you fail to follow these rules, you will receive one verbal warning. If the inappropriate behavior does not cease, a phone call will be made home to your parents, followed by a TD (teacher detention). Continued inappropriate behavior will be referred to your Assistant Principal. A classroom should be a safe environment where learning is the top priority.


1. Homework should be completed before class begins. You should not be scrambling to finish as the bell rings.Assignments that are turned in a day late will lose 50% of their value. Any assignments not turned in will receive a 0.You are held accountable for all assignments.

2. If you are absent, you are still responsible for the work that you miss. Missed work will be placed in your classroom folder on the bulletin board.Per your student handbook you will have two days for every excused absence.Should you accrue 10 unexcused absences you will not receive credit for the class and will have to attend summer school.

3. Please complete all writing assignments in blue or black ink.Assignments not completed in pencil or blue or black ink will be returned to be rewritten.

4. Food and drinks are not allowed in the classroom. This is a school policy.

5. Absolutely no cell phones. If they go off in my class, or I see them, I will take them. This also goes for MP3 players.Per the student handbook, you will not be able to retrieve your phone until you serve a Saturday detention.

6. Plagiarism will not be tolerated!Cheating will not be tolerated!This includes copying someone else's homework, quizzes or tests and plagiarism on writings, or projects.Should you plagiarize in any way you will not only receive 0 for the assignment, you will be referred to your Assistant Principal, will receive a letter in your file.Plagiarism includes copying homework as well as copy and pasting information from the internet.Please refer to your student handbook for more information on plagiarism.

7. I dismiss you, not the bell.There will be no lining up at the door.Before you can leave my room, it must be clean, the desks must be in rows, and you must be in your seat. Only then will you be dismissed.

8. Ask questions!!!!You are probably not the only person with that same question.If you need help or have questions, please feel free to ask me!That is what I am here for!I want all of my student to do well, so if you have questions while your doing a project or homework, email me.I will be checking my email each night at eight o'clock.So if your up late and expect me to get back to you it probably won't happen.I'm old and I need my sleep!I am also available each day before an after school.I look forward to getting to know you this school year!